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True Quality for Med Device Companies

Greenlight Guru

Our partner, Greenlight Guru has designed the only Quality Management Software that helps medical device companies deliver innovations to market, streamline compliance, and focus on quality — all in one end-to-end platform.

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The Only QMS Platform for Med Device

For medical device companies, friction around quality and compliance is the ultimate foe. Stitching together single-point solutions and addressing their gaps slows you down and stalls your growth.

Greenlight Guru eliminates friction by bringing together the right insights and capabilities to keep your data connected in an end-to-end, visual QMS platform that connects your team. Now you are freed up to focus on what really matters—improving quality of life.


Visualize Connections Within Your QMS

Better comprehend and communicate relationships while keeping track of the details and trending quality information.


Automate Quality Processes

Drive your processes step-by-step with custom workflow templates built into your QMS.


Follow FDA/ISO Best Practices

The only QMS software with the latest FDA and ISO best practices specific to MedTech companies built into every feature.

Achieve End-to-End Traceability

Easily trace CAPAs all the way back to your design controls so you can focus on accelerating your business.


When choosing a new QMS solution, consider the only Quality Management Software designed to help medical device companies deliver innovations to market, streamline compliance, and focus on quality — all in one end-to-end platform.


LinkAnything drives full lifecycle traceability

Zero effort

Zero effort system validation

Fully integrated risk

Fully integrated risk aligned to ISO 14971

Built-in controls

Built-in controls that align with 21 CFR Part 820 and ISO 13485:2016

Flexible review & approval workflows

Flexible review & approval workflows with Part 11 compliant e-Signatures, eRecords, and Audit Trail


Drive collaboration with task management, comments, and notifications

Our Story

Why Synesis?

Synesis has been committed to helping businesses succeed since 1994 with quality management design and integration expertise that allows med-device companies to focus on their bottom-line and drive profitable growth, while making ISO 13485 and 14971 compliances less complicated.

Our Partner

Greenlight Guru

Greenlight Guru created the only Medical Device Success Platform (MDSP) in the industry, focused on quality, regulatory, and product development. With Greenlight Guru, there is a single source of truth accessible by both product and quality teams that streamlines collaboration and compliance, without stifling product development efforts.


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