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Quality Management Simplified

SharePoint QMS + Power BI

Discover how Power BI combined with our SharePoint QMS will take your quality processes to the next level.

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Streamline Your Path To Compliance

Make Data Useful

Information is useful for making business decisions only if it is timely, accurate and accessible. We now offer QMS reports built on Microsoft Power BI to provide you with an instantaneous, graphical view of your most pressing quality needs and challenges.

With meaningful data built on Microsoft Power BI it has never been more easier for QMS end-users to collaborate and share data from their desktop or mobile device.


Profitable Decision Making

Eliminate duplicate data entry costs and related errors for better forecasting decisions so you can improve margins and drive profitability.


Drive Continuous Improvement

Improvement Process icons allow your team to easily drive ownership for each Deming Cycle Process: Plan-Do-Check-Act.


Collaborative, Intuitive Experience

Collaborate and share meaningful data — anywhere, anytime from your desktop or mobile device.


Re-Imagine Quality Management

SharePoint QMS, implemented by Synesis, helps you re-imagine your approach to quality assurance and risk mitigation.

This next-generation solution has everything you need to immediately improve product quality and reduce risk while saving you time and money.

With built-in collaboration tools, you can ensure company-wide alignment to continuous improvement with a preventive mindset.

Risk Management

Identify potential threats to each process, evaluate severity and prioritize critical risks.

Document Control

Flexible workflows and parallel review for multiple compliance documents.

Training Management

Classify, track, record and store employee training courses and certificates.


Corrective and preventative actions so you can easily identify and investigate issues.

Client Success Story

Cleaveland/Price, Inc. (C/P) needed a configurable QMS solution that would allow them to improve the quality of their switch products, automation products, line sensors, and RTUs for the high voltage electrical industry.

Synesis accepted the challenge and implemented a cost-effective and flexible SharePoint QMS solution developed by our long-term partner, BPA Solutions.

“Not only do our employees find SharePoint QMS easy to navigate, but the ISO registrar auditors were impressed with the system implementation and ease of use, as well.”

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SharePoint QMS + Power BI

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